Our cocktail mix is a new range developed specifically for the Irish and UK cocktail markets. It is manufactured using soft drinks blending techniques and processes that achieve a high quality syrup. (The syrups do not contain Alcohol)


Our Frozen Drinks syrup range has been designed for the high volume cocktail machine market.

Frozen Drinks

Our range of high quality cocktail accessories will add unique appeal to your cocktail presentation.

Speciality accessories

Our extensive range of draught carbonated soft drinks are available in Bag and Box systems for dispense on the gun

Carbonated drinks

Our range of quality juice drinks are available in Bag and Box systems for dispense on the gun

Juices on draught

We have a range of cordials for dispense on the gun or for sale in 5ltr poly jars


About us

Liam Collins & Company is a family owned, independent business based in North County Dublin. It operates from its own warehouse, close to the M1 and M50 main routes. The Company was founded by Liam Collins in the 1980's following a long career in Guinness draught service support. He believed that draught products were only as good as the service that supports them and developed the business on that principle.

In the following years the company expanded its skill base into carbonated drinks so that by the mid 1990's it was providing comprehensive installation and technical support to a number of leading brands in both the draught beer and carbonated drinks industries. Experience has taught us the need for innovation in responding to the changing nature of the Irish drinks market.

We have developed our own range of draught soft drinks, cocktail mixes and other products in partnership with Citrosoft Drinks Limited, a large independent soft drinks manufacturer in the UK. We will continue to develop our product range as the market changes, whilst holding true to the principles of the founder of the company.


We have over thirty years of experience in the design, installation and service of carbonated drinks, juices and draught beer dispensing systems.
We have provided comprehensive installation and technical support to a number of leading brands in both the carbonated drinks and draught beers industries.

We offer a range of services including:

Installation of systemsFull breakdown and cleaning support
Comprehensive emergency coverCarbonation systems and dispense equipment
Supply of CO2Consultancy and preventative maintenance programmes

We can operate on a project by project or contract basis, from initial consultancy to fully installed and maintained systems. As an independent company we are not tied to any one particular manufacturer so the systems we provide are tailored to meet the individual needs of the customer and offer a bespoke solution for any size of business.


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Liam Collins & Company


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