We offer a range of high quality carbonated drinks that includes Cola (branded and non-brand), White and Red Lemonade, Retro Red Energy Drink, Orangeade, Ginger Ale, Citrofruit and other specialities.


 We supply and service high quality systems designed to deliver fresh chilled drinks to your bar or service area. We are fully independent including gas supply which ensures that all our customers receive fully focused support that suits their individual requirements.

  For further information Email sales@liamcollinsco.ie 







Our range on draught:

Liam Collins & Company have an extensive range of soft drinks flavours on draught Bag and Box for sale to the Irish market. The range has been developed and refined over many years to incorporate the very best of traditional  flavours at a cost effective price. The product is manufactured in the UK by Citrosoft Drinks ltd.

Retro Red

Retro red was developed as a result of customers requesting an Energy Drink on draught and has been on the market for four years now. It has proven to be a very successful product and competes well in terms of quality and price with the market leaders. 

Why choose Splash?

  • Improves profitability - better pricing
  • Less space required for the storage of stock
  • Less handling, no bottles to sort and no returns or deposits
  • Chilled drinks direct to point of sale
  • Free chilled sparkling water
  • Free-up bottle cooler space for other bottle products
  • Improves speed of service
  • Can be connected to existing beer systems

The Real Difference

1 Box of bag and Box soft drinks = 300 units of the 200ml soft drinks bottles



1 Box of Bag and Box soft drinks = 12+1/2 cases of soft drinks bottles


How the system works

The product is delivered to the customer in Bag and Box.

We provide a specially designed stainless rack to hold the stock, the cooler and the carbonator.

The system is connected to a python and is powered by co2 gas (similar to the beer system)

All the equipment required for the system only takes up a space of 1.5mtrsL x 0.5mtrsD x 1.5mtrsH

Service support

  • Equipment fitted free of charge
  • No fixed term contracts
  • Regular preventative visits
  • Regular customer checks
  • Comprehensive emergency cover
  • Highly trained in-house dispense technicians

Contact us for further details and free site visit


  • Quantity: 1
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Pack size: 10 Litre Bag in Box
  • Average yield: 60/70 litres dependent on 5:1 or 6:1
  • Order qty: 1
Carbonated Drinks € Contact us: sales@liamcollinsco.ie


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